April 25, 2021

SEX - The Final Episode

SEX - The Final Episode

Many have asked me to discuss the benefits of bariatric surgery on a guy's sex life.  Your wish has become the final episode of our podcast.  I had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Joe Cribbins about the effects of weight loss surgery on your sex life from a medical perspective.  Some of the rumors you've heard...are TRUE!  

It has been my pleasure to host this podcast during the last year.  I hope that you have enjoyed the information and encouragement I have tried to share along the way.  Our socials will stay active and I hope that you will stay in connected.

Keep living that Bariatric Life and Eating Like Men!  -- Mike Alley

Guest Information
Dr. Joe Cribbins
IG: @one_operation_changes_life
FB: @TexasCenterForSurgery
Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery

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